“2016 – Gigaré Everything”

By: Marquez Hughley

There’s much excitement and expectation of what the months ahead has in store for us! If you’re like me, you realize that it takes more than a few “new year resolutions” to invoke change in our lives; but rather, commitment and discipline are prerequisites to see your plans come to fruition. One of the things I learned in 2015 was how the power of focus helps us to see the end from the beginning. Oftentimes, it becomes very critical to still be able to see where you’re going when the current situation does not look as favorable. With the passing of each year, we should be able to look back over those past months and see the progress we made toward our goals.

Our Gigaré Team has been strategizing for the last several months to address the direction for this year. For our product line (Gigaré – A King’s Collection & Queen’s Edition) and our online publication, Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine (GLM), we see nothing but endless potential and possibilities! This past December, I introduced the theme for this year to our team; which is: “2016 – Gigaré Everything.” Our team quickly embraced the theme and agreed that it was the embodiment of what we wanted to accomplish this year. What this means is – we want our brand to be represented everywhere possible and printed on as many products that we could manage. Our desire is to flood the market with our Gigaré branded apparel and accessories; and also to have our e-magazine (GLM) to continue to grow globally as a preferred and reliable source for our readership.

Currently, our available products consist of men’s neckties and ladies’ t-shirts; but we have plans to branch out with brand products that you commonly use on a daily basis; things such as coffee mugs, drinking containers, umbrellas, laptop sleeves and more. We also have a sports-style t-shirt for the men that we plan to introduce soon. The men on our team have been wearing sample versions of the t-shirts and have been getting compliments and questions on how to obtain them. The purpose of branding “everyday products” is to help people to experience Gigaré whenever and wherever they go. No matter if you’re at your workplace having a hot beverage like coffee or tea; or traveling from one place to another in the rain, we aspire to have you “covered” with one of our own!

To assure you of why you would want our products to be prevalent in so many aspects of your life, I must vividly remind you of what our Gigaré brand represents. You see, Gigaré means, “a billion, as pertaining to the worth.” It also stands to be a reminder of a healthy self-image, progression, positivity and productivity for all those who are familiar with our brand. Whenever you see one of our Gigaré logos, we want you to remember who you are, your significance and your important part of adding value to this world. With all of the challenges people face, our brand has embraced the responsibility to be a positive reinforcement for your personal and professional betterment. We want no more than for you to become the best version of yourself that’s possible. You may not be aware of this; but our entire core management team are all Army veterans. We know what it means to serve; and in like manner, providing you with excellent service is always our priority.

That’s why our new theme: “2016 – Gigaré Everything” is so timely! Our team is so eager to spread this message to the world; and we could use your help as well. Feel free to tell people about our upcoming products, current product line and our magazine. Also, join in with the sharing of the hashtag: #GigareEverything on your social media streams when referring to an article we publish this year or one of our products from our main website ( We appreciate any assistance you can give to help us make Gigaré renown around the world. Lastly, we have opportunities for you to join our team in the forms of internships, commission-based sales representatives, or as a contributing writer for GLM. In addition, we welcome business to business relationships in the forms of partnerships, sponsorships and advertising. Take advantage of the opportunity to become a part of our growing family! We would love for you assist us in the building of the Gigaré Nation!

Keep this in mind in 2016 – it’s Gigaré Everything!

Marquez Hughley

CEO & Founder

Gigaré, LLC.

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